I Blame My Mother

Browsing through a jewelry case and deciding which piece I would like enough to buy, reveals that I have expensive taste.

Browsing through a music store testing and playing various instruments, reveals that only the best tonal quality is what I want.

Browsing through racks of clothing, feeling and touching the material as well as, checking the seams to assess the quality of the seamstress’ work, assures the item will have lasting wear.

Researching appliances and cookware reveals to me that the value of the item depends on its durability and if it has any adverse effects on a person’s health.

Traveling within 100 miles of a friend, determines the hours that will likely extend my travels.

So, I blame my mother for liking the best quality that I can buy, considering all the angles to evaluate value, and to always putting a friend first! I think I’ll change that “Blame” to “Thanks.”

Published by patwilthewmusic

Musical Messenger, Songwriter, Author, Producer, Music Teacher, Vocalist, Wife, Mother, Great Grandmother

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