Vote Your Conscience

It’s very hard not to worry about the state of our country.  The choices we have border on loosing our freedoms or having one of the three stooges (who are busy squabbling and obnoxiously fighting during the few opportunities we have to hear the presidential candidates share their views) lead us down a volatile, unfiltered, egotistical, Republican Party path.  I have lost the little respect I had for these three; I am for the citizen statesman, Dr. Ben Carson. He and Governor Kasich were the only respectable candidates during the CNN debate.

I believe the media knows they can no longer manipulate the vote, so they have outwardly refused to include the reputable men in the debates, or even to include their names when announcing the upcoming debates.  This includes the media who claim they are fair and balanced.

I believe it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to band together to promote our candidate of choice. The primary race is critical because that is when our voice can really be heard. As I have read in other articles “Now is the time to choose a candidate so we won’t have to vote for the lesser of two evils.”

So I choose to vote in the primaries for the candidate, Who I believe can lead this country back to what the Founding Fathers envisioned. I like him, and I believe all that think he CAN’T win need to search their heart for why they are not voting for him. Their vote CAN make the difference.

So I will choose to pray for the primaries that God’s people will exercise their right to vote and will use wisdom in their choice. I will also hold onto the scripture about not worrying, but letting my request be made known unto God with thanksgiving, then He will give me the peace that passes all understanding.

I make no reservations about my choice to vote for Dr. Ben Carson to be our next President of the United States of America. #InGodWeTrust

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