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TODAY IS 2/2/22 – A definite 2’s Day! Ebook of Feeling the Music should be released on Amazon within this week. We moved to Picayune, Mississippi; Pat Wilthew Music LLC is now dba Pat Wilthew Music. The musical taken from the songs of Meditation Songs is moving forward again and I hope to keep you…

Almost Time to Publish

Enjoy my new website and look forward to frequent updates, upcoming events, and projects in the works. FEELING THE MUSIC is in the final stages of editing and design. Look forward to a book signing near you!

Feeling the Music

FEELING THE MUSIC: A Journey of Inspiration and Instruction to Foundational Piano from a Blind, Kinesthetic, or Auditory Perspective A Nonfiction How-To Inspirational Narrative Co-writers: Patricia S. Wilthew B.M., M.M.E. and Marjorie L. Wingert B.A., M.A. “In the blurry darkness where diseased eyes ripped away Marje’s world, lost dreams are re-envisioned with Pat, the creative…

Vote Your Conscience

It’s very hard not to worry about the state of our country.  The choices we have border on loosing our freedoms or having one of the three stooges (who are busy squabbling and obnoxiously fighting during the few opportunities we have to hear the presidential candidates share their views) lead us down a volatile, unfiltered,…

I Blame My Mother

Browsing through a jewelry case and deciding which piece I would like enough to buy, reveals that I have expensive taste. Browsing through a music store testing and playing various instruments, reveals that only the best tonal quality is what I want. Browsing through racks of clothing, feeling and touching the material as well as,…

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